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Welcome Parents!

At Sally Kids Care, we can best be described as a happy bunch enjoying life through playing and learning together. Our main focus is to engage your child at every stage of their development so they can explore and enjoy their natural through providing quality care and education in a bilingual, stable, caring environment. 

We expect that children who join our setting will learn to understand a language in a natural and direct way, similar to how they learned their mother tongue.

We have a range of activities to stimulate your child at every stage of their development in an enjoyable way whiles learning at the same time. We believe that learning through play is the best way to make learning enjoyable. 

We take safety seriously so you can expect that all our staff are vetted with valid disclosures and in addition our rigorous health and safety checks ensure child safety all the time. 

About our Payment Schedule

We work with parents to tailor our services to suit you. Talk to us so we can together carve a solution to your child care needs. 

Do not hesitate to ask about our fees, for more information call us:

020-7998-7791 / 078-5273-6378

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